Rahul Gandhi Takes Dig At Modi For “Gau-Rakshak” Statement! Twitter Erupted With Mixed Reactions On The Same!

There has been a sudden rise in violent incidents which are taking place in the name of cow protection nowadays. Some section of people like Gau Rakshaks are reacting so wildly ending poor Dalit lives without even knowing the whole situation.

gau rakshaks in india

These wild activities by the rightist political parties of India are raising some serious concerns about the liberalism the country needs to possess. And this should be stopped immediately and let the law do its work.

There is no denying the fact that cow is a sacred animal for Hindus but taking human lives for this cause is something not acceptable. It is high time that the state governments take the matter of self-proclaimed cow vigilantes seriously and bring an end to their unlawful activities.

Taking a serious action against such incidents, even PM Modi angrily bashed the Gau Rakshaks on the recent incidents of violence by cow vigilantes.

He added that they don’t have any right to harm or kill people for the sake of cows. He reminded everyone that we are living in an era of non-violence and such acts are totally unacceptable.

However, Rahul Gandhi took a dig at PM Modi for his statements. Yes, the Congress vice-president spoke something straight and raised a valid point on this whole situation:

According to RaGa, it is very late to talk about this issue because already, many cases of violence have been reported. As soon as PMO tweeted about the issue on the official Twitter handle, Rahul Gandhi gave them a reply from his official handle.

Here’s what he tweeted:

It’s the fact that till date, many cases of lynching have been reported; it’s very late to speak about this. Further, he also added that words have no meaning when actions outdo them.

Action ki umeed?

Modi has failed to secure safety!

Pehle kadam uthana chahiye tha!

He’s not man of words!

Loss is big!

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