BJP leader Prahlad Bandhwar and Businessman Shot Dead Citizens start to Raise Question on Law and Order

BJP leader Prahlad Bandhwar shot dead in Mandsaur on Thursday evening.
BJP leader Prahlad Bandhwar shot dead in Mandsaur on Thursday evening.

On Thursday evening, senior BJP Leader Pahlad Bandhwar was shot dead in Mandsaur, just a day after one leading businessman was shot dead in Indore.

Bandhwar who was the chairman of the municipality of Mandsaur, he was standing in front of a bank on Thursday evening and when suddenly a shooter riding his bike approached and fired shots from a close range.

Bandhwar was shot in the head, he was declared dead on the spot. The shooter sped away using his motorbike, no one was able to catch him.

The area police have sealed the city to attain peace and order, they are also scanning CCTV footages that are present in the area of the crime.

State Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Jitu Patwari said that a team of dedicated police officers has been assigned to track down the murderers and to ensure that incidents like this will be avoided in the future.

Businessman Sandip Agarwal was shot dead on Wednesday by unidentified shooters, he was shot 100 meters away from the Vijaynagar Police Station at around 7:30 pm. Agarwal was moving towards his car when shooters fired 5 bullets towards him.

Agarwal did not have any bodyguards with him, according to reports he voluntarily removed his security team, and he later died inside the hospital. Agarwal is said to be involved in businesses like oil trade, cable trade, and commodity trading.

According to the family of Businessman Agarwal, he had some dispute regarding some payments with his business partners. Police are still trying to crack the case as there are no clues left behind to the gruesome murder.

The police have confirmed that they have arrested over 24 suspects. The two murders are starting to raise questions on the security measures of the new Congress Led Government. Recently the CM transferred 50 police officers at one go.

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