Fragile To Fastest-Growing says PM Modi about India’s Economy

PM Modi says India is now one of the fastest growing Countries in the world
PM Modi says India is now one of the fastest growing Countries in the world

Today, Prime Minister Modi said that India has gone through a drastic transformation in its Economy sector in the past 4 and half years, he added that it went from the fragile five nations of the world to the world’s fastest-growing economy.

PM Modi said: “Earlier, the Indian governments would be in national and international headlines for scams. Now, the focus has shifted to new schemes.”

If you go back to 2013, India was known as the country that cannot provide electricity to its citizens, a country that was full of scams, and a country that was having a financial crisis. But now, this has changed, The PM believes that we are now considered as a trustworthy country who is now the fastest growing nation in the world.

Prime Minister Modi also talked about the progress India has made in the sanitation facilities, he said: “Five years ago, the country did not have enough toilets. Now, nine crore toilets had been constructed and sanitation coverage in the country had gone up from 38 percent to 98 percent.”

PM Modi also added: “There was a time when 70 crore Indians had to go without electricity. Today, several crore households had received electricity connection.”

Prime Minister Modi has said that India has attained a really good transformation in the past 4 years.

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