Twitterati Couldn’t Stop Captioning This Picture Of PM Narendra Modi Day-Dreaming At BRICS-Summit

“Those were the days when people have to watch the satirical Comedy shows, spoof videos and sarcastic TV shows that will be aired every weekend”, one can say this now.

Because there is no less space for fun these days, let it be the grand new budget plan, let it be a serious speech by Rahul Gandhi, be it an allegation made by Arvind Kejriwal or may be Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s new foreign trip.

nraendra modi trolled

Every funniest thing is live, instant and viral these days.

The boundless freedom social media gave us is quite a key to trigger comedy. Just like every day, here there is a picture of the incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, which is going viral for the gait and the stature Modi possesses.

Months ago, Rahul Gandhi’s sensational version of ‘SCAM‘ won the Internet offering us various reasons to laugh in return trolling him to the tip and toe, later, Modi’s troll on Rahul Gandhi by relating the earthquake with Rahul’s creativity.

pm narendra modi in BRICS summit

What not, everything gains attention when it is viewed in a different way!

Coming to this present photo, it was clicked at the BRICS-Summit that took place in China. Here Modi Ji is seen relaxing in his cozy seat, now observe it for little longer, you can find a face made by someone when his furious girlfriend might have told him “WE NEED TO TALK”.

Check out the funniest Twitter reactions: 

There’s no time eh!

Travel freak!


That was deep!

The first row!


This is serious!

Mood thing!


Who is she?

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