Suresh Raina Once Thought Of Committing SUICIDE: Check Out Why

He is probably India’s most valuable player in T20 cricket, but Indian all-rounder Suresh Raina has gone through some tough times in the past. During his hostel days he once thought of committing suicide because of the bullying and many other factors.

Raina shared an incident where he was travelling in a train at the age of 13. The train was chugging along towards Agra. He felt something heavy on his shoulders while he was asleep. He realised his hands were tied and there was a big kid on his chest, who started peeing on his face. Raina somehow pushed the boy off the train to get rid of him.

Suresh Raina Once Thought Of Committing SUICIDE

There were several other bullying incidents and Raina was finding it difficult to cope up in the Sports Hostel in Lucknow. It was during this period that suicidal thoughts crossed his mind.

Raina revealed another incident where he was beaten to the pulp with hockey sticks during his stay at the sports hostel. So much was the pain that was inflicted that Raina almost went into coma.

During this period, he was so much depressed that he wanted to commit suicide. After an year, Raina quit the hostel but rejoined after two months after his brother convinced him to do so.

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