Hypnotize any Man or Woman and Win Their Heart with These 19 Tricks by Acharya Chanakya

Bewitching a woman or man has been a tough task for the men on this earth most of times with a majority of the populace. Known for his intelligence and witty remarks, Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor Acharya Chanakya has revealed few tricks and tips to hypnotize people around us to chant our mantra. This could be of great aide  for the people who have been trying to get the control over the mind of people around them. All the tricks of Acharya Chanakya sound reasonable to be enamoured by men and women around us, following the below cited neeti (plan) of him.

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Acharya Chanakya Suggested Top 19 Tricks to Get Enamored in Life

Since his regime to the current times, Acharya Chanakya’s postulated tricks and tips over various social issues, economics, wealth management, governance and personality development have been highly acclaimed due to their prominence. It was all because of his ethics, needs (strategical planning) he turned up a young man into the king, who was later famed as Chandragupta Maurya.

He is conceived to be the man behind uniting all small royal states and kingdoms to a combined nation (Bharat, India) was none other Chanakya.

It was said by Acharya Chanakya that,

लुब्धमर्थेन गृह्णीयात् स्तब्धमंजलिकर्मणा।

मूर्खं छन्दानुवृत्त्या च यथार्थत्वेन पण्डितम्।।


Every person can be easily bewitched executing a few simple things and kind gestures irrespective of their intelligence quotient. Acharya Chanakya cited all those simple things to hypnotize a man or a woman so as to get enamored people around us.

We live in a society where people hailing from various backgrounds who can be classified into rich, poor, arrogant, wise, foolish etc who all can be hypnotized easily executing some simple kind and wise gestures.

#1. Trick – How to Hypnotize Foolish Man/ Women

Captivate the interest of the arrogant people by being polite and requesting them to be calm which is something similar of having a control over greedy people giving them little amounts of money.

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#2. Trick – How to Hypnotize Foolish Man/ Women

So as to control a foolish person one needs to follow up the instructions of them blindly initially and should be praised enough until and unless one could get control over him and his psyche. Upon which we could make them dance on our words.

#4. Trick- How to Hypnotize Intelligent Man/ Women

acharya chanakya about how to impress woman

If you are getting ready to get impressed and captivate the attention of intelligent man or woman in real life it is wisely advised and suggested to speak only the truth in front of him.

#5. Trick- How to Hypnotize Egoistic Man/ Women

Acharya Chanakya says that being polite to an egoistic person is the only key to winning over their hearts which is similar to giving money to control greedy person, abiding by the instructions of fools to control them and speaking to the truth before.

how to be loved and win the heart of intelligent boy and girl

A person who is greedy for money can be given money and controlled. An egoistic person can be controlled by being polite. A fool can be controlled by agreeing to whatever he says and an intelligent person can be kept in control by always speaking the truth in front of intelligent people to be enamored.

#6. Trick- How to Get Rid of Problems

Being patient enough during the difficult situations is said to be the act of intelligent people which yields better results and solution to the problems.

#7. Trick- How to Get Rid Greediness

Mental disorders aren’t the same as the physical ailments which can be can cure with medicines or herbs hence, Acharya Chanakya hints that one of the widest life ruining mental disorder of humans is greedy which has no cure.

#8. Trick- How to Win Hearts of Children’s

Till the age of 5 years old every child has to be pampered and loved by the parents. As they grow old enough at least till the age of 10 years their misbehavior should not be ignored and an appropriate and should be punished in according to the mischievousness which would prohibit them to do mistakes as they grow older. Later when the kids get old enough aged 16 years, an age of transformation from teenage to adulthood parents should turn up as good friends of this children’s.

#9. Trick- How to Get Succeed in Life

A person has to leave a place or situation immediately where he fails to get respect, money to earn, facility to be comforted, has no friend or relative.

#10. Trick- Right Places to Earn Knowledge and Money

It is never a tough task to earn money from a place where rich people live and knowledge reducing the sins from a place where a scholar or a Brahmin lives.


#11. Trick- Right Places for the Existence of Life

Acharya Chanakya says that one could get all the natural things at a place where a river flows and better health from a place where doctors live.

#12. Trick- How to Know Nature of a Person

It is being advised by Chanakya that one should know the character of a person like how is his nature considering his talks, arrogance, as  a person’s behavior talks about his nature also.

#13. Trick- Know the Place of Wealth and Good Life

As per the neeti’s and postulates of Chanakya, it is being said that Goddess Laksmi (wealth) exists where fools are not worshiped, where there is enough food and no fights between husbands and wives.

#14. Trick- What Kind of Person Are You?

People should not be like swans which stay only there is water and leave the place when it isn’t available with water. If you have been of this kind, it is advised to change your stand.

#15. Trick- Who Shall be Praised?

A person who praised enough by the people despite being incapable would be worshiped while a person who praises themselves despite being incompetent would be insulting the almighty god by doing so.

#16. Trick- Know Why You Should Be Happy

One would always remain unhappy if he or she runs after various things despite having adequate portions, which means be happy with what you have initially.

#17. Trick- Being Helpful to Others

There would be no difference between a person and nonliving thing (wall) if he or she isn’t kind, helpful towards fellow mates which is best virtue of humankind.

#18. Trick- Follow the Path of Success


One would only successful enough if they follow, get inspired and learn from the lives of successful people.

#19. Trick- Every Chance is Golden Chance

Acharya Chanakya says that one should never let down any opportunity in life which would not be either regained as they could make us learn new chapters of life.

All the above neetis (ethics), postulates stated by the pioneer of the field of political science and economics in India have been yielding better results people who have been executing them in their lives. One would be certainly get enamored if they follow the above-cited neetis of Chanakya. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below and this post with your friends through social media.

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