Viral Video: God Made This Guy A Singer, But Life Made Him A Labourer

One of the greatest talents is recognizing talent in others and giving them the forum to shine. While here is a man who is lacking a good platform to showcase his talent despite being born with abundant talent. Though there is no scarceness of good amount of talent in the world while they are hidden or yet to be discovered. Though he has been bestowed with best musical talent and singing ability, he had to strive hard to meet his daily needs. Perhaps it can be conceived that he had not been insured with a right platform.

Following the above-cited video, bone could say that the above prodigy is a painter. Very often he sings songs of Pakistani musician Sajjad Ali to get stressed out from his work. In the above video, he sings a song titled ‘Sahil pe khadein ho’ in such a soothing voice that one could not ask him to stop singing. We think that there are a few people out there who deserves a good platform to showcase their talent. Hence share the post and video at most so that this reaches any good musician which could at least provide him a better life.

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