This Story Proves Why One Should Have Faith in Humanity in Today’s World

Often we find usually people claiming the non-existent of humanity and generosity in today’s world grounding various issues. While here is a real life story which would leave everyone ascertained with to be inspired and why should one have faith in humanity. We are sure enough that after being through this real life incident one would certainly feel mesmerized.

Bookseller Bears Witness to Lost Humanity

Hawker Helps Train Passenger to Get Back Her Lost Phone

An Indian citizen shares her true-life experience through online medium reminding us why one should have faith in humanity in today’s world. Madhusmita  Ghosh says that she lost her mobile when she was traveling this summer from Assam to Katihar(Bihar) with family while buying a book in a train. During the process of taking out money from her purse, she drops her mobile accidentally out of the window which might have fell somewhere near the tracks.

As most of us save and have most of our memories, contacts, photos and many other daily life required digital media in mobile phones, she too had most her data in her gadget and started crying and thinking of every memory saved in the phone. She and her close associates failed to stop the train due to the absence of chain in their compartment and good speed of the train.

It was truly an inconsolable instance for Madhusmita while she felt up glad to hear the bookseller saying ” never mind, wherever your phone must have dropped, I will try to find it and if I get it, I will give you.” Being comforted with the assurance of bookseller who lived in the nearby village Ms. Ghosh and her family were anticipating for the favorable news about the mobile.

Bookseller Bears Witness to Lost Humanity

Those fortunate moments for the Ms. Ghosh came in a couple of days as the bookseller contacted her claiming her lost mobile phones retrieval. Overwhelmed with the news of her lost mobile phone’s retrieval she asked to collect it after two days. While the bookseller was so kind enough that he would more than an overnight journey from Assam to Katihar(Bihar) to return her lost mobile phone. How generous the bookseller was, as it is very rare in today’s world.

how a indian railways passenger got his lost mobile phone

It’s very unusual in current times to see someone returning an unclaimed mobile phone, how one couldn’t feel amused after being ascertained that their lost mobile is about to be returned. The bookseller visits the address of Ms. Ghosh at Guwahati (Assam) and hands over the mobile to her. Upon feeling felicitous, Ms. Ghosh offered him 2000 rupees and asked him to have breakfast with them.

How Did the Bookseller Managed to Get Back Lost Mobile Phone

The bookseller claimed that he was able to locate the lost mobile phone on the tracks after he had asked the children of the village to find the phone and promised them that if they could find it he would give them gifts and that the money that was given to him was for the children. Though he was offered more money while he declined to accept as those 2000 bucks were enough for him. He finished his meal and took off saying that he had work to do and s Ms. Ghosh ensured that they bid him an affectionate farewell and thanked him once more.

Isn’t this more amazing and delighting to see such noble humans in current times.  How often do we come across such people? Hence, we conclude that we could still find good people and why we should have faith in humanity. Have you been through any such stories and inspiring persons share with us in the comment section?

Source: Logical Indian
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