2 Indian Citizens From Punjab Beheaded In Saudi Arabia For Killing An Indian, CM Amarinder Singh Calls It “Totally Barbaric And Inhuman”

2 Indians from Punjab were beheaded on February 28 in Saudi Arabia for murdering an Indian. The Indian Embassy was not informed about the execution.

Chief Minister Amarinder Singh called the incident as “totally barbaric and inhuman” and said that the foreign ministry failed to prevent the execution of the 2 men.

It is expected that the families of the 2 men will not get their dead bodies and will only receive death certificates from the country.

Satwinder Kumar and Harjeet Singh went to Saudi Arabia in 2013 and were beheaded on February 28, 2019.

Satwinder Kumar was from Hoshiarpur and Harjeet Singh was from Ludhiana, both men were working in Saudi Arabia on Work Permits.

Satwinder and Harjeet were charged for killing Arif Imamuddin, an Indian citizen that was also living in Saudi Arabia, the 2 men got into a fight with him.

The wife of Satwinder Kumar, Seema Rani, filed a petition and asked the government of Saudi Arabia to get information about where her husband was.

She received a reply from the Foreign Ministry that said his husband was arrested on December 9, 2015, for the murder of Arif.

Chief Minister Amarinder Singh commented on the incident, he said, “If the executions were undertaken without prior information even to the Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia, with the victims not provided legal counsel, it amounted to a grave violation of human rights.”

CM Amarinder added that what’s worse is that the families of the men will not be able to perform their last rites.

CM Amarinder also said that pressure must be put on Saudi Arabia so an end will come to its ancient and blatantly illegal practices which are against all norms of humanity.

While CM Amarinder was citing the relationship of both countries, he said that bringing back the bodies of the men will not be a problem for India,

The CM added, “If needed, the Prime Minister himself should intervene to ensure the return of their mortal remains.”

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