2 Saudi Sisters Who Left Their Country Because Of Oppression Apply For Shelter In Georgia

2 sisters from Saudi Arabia who left their country because of oppression have applied for shelter in Georgia. But the sisters are still in fear as they could still be reached by their family and could be forced to go back to Saudi Arabia.

25-year-old Wafa al-Subaie and 28-year-old Maha al-Subaie were offered protection by the government of Georgia on 18 April after the sisters asked for help on Twitter.

The authorities from Georgia say that the 2 sisters are currently being held in a secret location.

On April 19, Wafa and Maha said that they would prefer to move to a country where citizens of Saudi Arabia cannot enter it without having a visa.

Wafa and Maha said that they chose Georgia because it did not require them to get a visa to enter the country and they did not really have any other option.

The sisters said, “We don’t know anybody in Georgia, we just decided to come here because there is a visa-free regime…we didn’t have any other option.”

The sisters added that they arrived in Georgia from Turkey.

Wafa and Maha, who are still in their 20s, asked for international help by using Twitter, they have an account whose username is @GeorgiaSisters, they posted video appeals and messages while they were seeking “protection” from the refugee agency of the UN, which is the UNHCR.

One of the sisters said, “We fled oppression from our family.” She claims that her “father and brothers arrived in Georgia and they are looking for us.”

The family of the 2 women has not made any comments about their kids moving to Georgia.

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