20 People Dead After A 3-Story Building Collapses In Lagos  

Officials confirmed that 20 people were killed after a 3-story building collapsed in Lagos, Nigeria. The building was housing a school, most of the people who got killed were children.

Jide Idris the Health Commissioner of Lagos said that most of the people who got killed in the incident were the children who were studying in the school.

Akinwunmi Ambode the State Governor of Lagos said that the school was operating illegally in the building that collapsed.

45 people were rescued by the officials after the building collapsed, all of them are currently recovering at different government-run hospitals in Lagos.

Jide Idris the Health Commissioner of Lagos said: “I’m delighted to note that the survivors of the unfortunate incident are calm, stable and responding to medical treatment and in no time, some of them who are certified and cleared will be discharged to join their families.”

The rescue mission that was held for the collapsed building was stopped on Thursday after officials said that there were no more survivors left. The building was located at the populated Ita-Faji area.

Residents of the area and parents of the children were angry after they found out that the building collapsed, most of them said that many buildings in the area are not safe.

Officials said that the building that collapsed had been marked for demolition for at least 3 times.

The officials added that there are many other buildings in the Lagos Island area that are in danger.

Kunle Awobodu from the Building Collapse Prevention Guild said: “There are over 1,000 distressed other buildings of this nature in Lagos, which, if nothing is done to demolish them, they will still collapse, resulting to more calamities in the state.”

Kunle Awobodu added “The collapsed building had been marked for demolition about three times, but the building regulatory agency has not demolished it”

After Governor Ambode visited the area on Wednesday, he confirmed that most homes in the area do have structural problems and they will be demolished in the coming future.


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