Watch Video: 21-Month-Old Baby Swims Just Like A Professional Swimmer

Had you ever seen little kids swimming who can’t even walk? No. Right?

Meet Arabel, a 21-month-old baby who swims just like a fish in water. The baby seems to float easily in the water in a swimming pool. A video was shot while Arabel was effortlessly swimming. This video has gone viral on the Internet.

Arabel swimming effortlessly

When asked about her swimming skills in very early age, her parents said that Arabel has been swimming for months and now it seems that she is a professionally trained swimmer.

This 21-month-old baby seems to be quite comfortable in the water.

Arabel’s parents have full confidence in her abilities.

Arabel swimming as a professional

This young girl might surely become an Olympic swimmer in future.

Arabel seems to become a professional swimmer

She seems to be an expert in holding her breath in water.

21-month-old baby swimming

Arabel has not taken any professional lessons to learn swimming.

Watch The Little Arabel Swimming Effortlessly:

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