28-year-old husband stabs 19-year-old wife’s neck, beheaded her after a quarrel and tried to throw her head in a canal

A 28-year-old husband stabbed her 19-year-old wife in the neck and beheaded her after an argument broke out between them. The husband stuffed her head in a bag and tried to throw it in a canal.

Officials said that 28-year-old Muniappan and 19-year-old Nivetha were natives of Shimoga and were living in Mettukaddai.

Officials added that the couple often had arguments as the husband was suspecting that Nivetha was having an affair with someone else.

An argument broke out between the couple on Monday night, out of anger, the husband stabbed Nivetha on her neck and beheaded her afterward.

He then stuffed her head in a bag and her body in a sack, he then tied them on his motorcycle and went to Perundurai, where he was about to throw her head and body in a canal.

But locals noticed the legs of the woman sticking out of the sack, which raised an alarm. Muniappan abandoned his bike and jumped in the canal.

He was caught by the locals, who later informed the incident to the police.

A murder case has been registered against 28-year-old Muniappan and a probe has been launched for the crime.

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