71-Year-Old Man Arrested On 100 Counts Of Child Rape

Harvey Joseph Fountain, a 71-year-old man has been arrested on 100 counts of first-degree rape, he is accused of sexually assaulting minors under 13-years-old around his hometown in the early 1970s till 1980s.

The Sheriff’s office of the Rapides Parish said, Harvey was arrested on 9 April, 8 days after an accuser who is now an adult, told the police that Harvey raped him/her when he/she was still a child.

Officials gathered evidence that supported the accuser’s allegations, the accuser also said that Harvey raped other children in the town.

Sheriff’s Lt. Stephen Phillips said that the allegations against Harvey happened in the early 1970s till early 1980s, and in every case, the child who he allegedly raped was under 13-years-old.

Lt. Stephen said that he cannot disclose how many children were raped by the 71-year-old.

The sheriff’s office said that the investigation “is still ongoing, and more arrests are possible”.

Officials said that the alleged rapes happened in those areas where Harvey lived and in Pineville, a city that is 115 miles away from Baton Rouge.

Harvey has been arrested and is currently in the Rapides Parish Detention Center with a bail that is set at $1 Million USD.

It is still not confirmed if Harvey has a lawyer.

Officials say that the grand jury is probably will be considering the case.

The first accuser has also given out names of those people who are possible victims, the detectives have contacted them and are gathering pieces of evidence that will support their allegations.

Harvey was arrested on 50 preliminary counts of first-degree rape. But by Friday of last week, detectives identified other victims while Harvey was in prison, and authorities had to re-arrest him with 50 more counts of first-degree rape.

The clerk of courts office said that Harvey has not been charged formally.

Lt. Stephen said that a grand jury will consider the case.

In Louisiana, first-degree rape includes raping children that are under 13-years-old, and first-degree rape in the state is punishable by life imprisonment or death.

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