A Sad Story Of Two Blind Sisters That Ended With Happiness

Sonia and Anita are two sisters who live in a rural village in India. Both the sisters are born blind to a couple who are very poor. They work under farmers and not in a state to afford the money for their daughters operation. A simple surgery, costing about $300, could have restored their sight long ago. The parents of the sisters earn just 17 cents an hour by planting and harvesting rice. This money could barely end their day for their needs.

two blind girls see for the first time

An organization that came to know about these two sisters and their family problems helped the two sisters for their eye operations. This has become by the efforts of 20/20/20, a nonprofit working to restore vision to blind children and adults in some of the world’s poorest countries. Sonia and Anita were able to undergo that simple surgery on their eyes. Though the odds seemed stacked against them, the girls got a happy ending anyway.

two blind girls see for the first time

When the operations successfully completed and the bandages came off their eyes, they saw the world for the first time in their life and those moments were captured showing the sisters story. The 6-year-old younger sister said, “I can see, Mommy.” The elder sister has gasped as she opened her eyes and blinked into the sunlight for the first time. The operation just takes 15 minutes.

According to 20/20/20, the “miracle” surgery, which the sisters both underwent, involves a surgeon removing the defective lens that causes blindness and replacing it with an artificial lens. “The only problem is, for the poorest people in the world, who live on $1 a day, they could never afford to pay for a $300 surgery. So they will remain blind for the rest of their lives unless someone helps them,” 20/20/20 wrote on its website.

Sonia and Anita are reportedly both doing well since their life-changing procedures. 20/20/20 says that the older sister is now going to school and has made friends. 20/20/20 is a Wonderwork charity that aims to bring 20/20 vision to the 20 million in need.

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