Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Girl Murder Solved, Police Arrest Boyfriend

The police of Andhra Pradesh solved the murder case of the 24-year-old student who was killed on February 13, 2019, they arrested the boyfriend of the girl.

24-year-old Angadi Jyothi a pharmacy student was murdered on February 13, 2019, her body was found near a cricket stadium in the Mangalagiri town in the Guntur District.

The friend of Angadi Jyothi, Chunchu Srinivasa Rao was also found near the dead body, he attained head injuries.

The case really shocked the state, after some investigations, the government suspended 2 officers for the negligence of their duties.

The Guntur Police questioned Chunchu Srinivasa Rao after he recovered from the injuries he attained, he was the only eye-witness of the murder. Police say that he admitted killing 24-year-old Angadi Jyothi with his friend.

Rao said that 24-year-old Angadi Jyothi was pressuring him to marry her, and that led him to make a plan that would kill her. Rao brought her in a quiet area where his friend used an iron rod and hit it on her head, which killed her. Rao also admitted that he used the same iron rod to attain injuries so it will mislead the local police as they investigate.

The Guntur Police has also arrested the friend of Rao who was involved in the killing of Angadi Jyothi, they recovered the iron rod from the Buckingham Canal. The accused told the police he threw it there after killing the girl.

Vijaya Rao the Superintendent of the Guntur Urban Police said that they will be announcing further details of the murder case.

Chunchu Srinivasa Rao could not speak about the allegations as he is still in the hospital and is recovering from the injuries he attained. The family of Jyothi said that the investigators suspect the murder case to be a dishonor killing.

The family of Jyothi requested a second autopsy, which got accepted and was conducted on February 15, 2019.

The Guntur Police also gathered the call data and social media chats of Chunchu Srinivasa Rao and Angadi Jyothi. They also gathered other pieces of evidence and also asked some questions to Rao who admitted that he and his friend did commit the murder.


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