#ArharModi Is Trending On Twitter After Rahul Gandhi’s Speech In Lok Sabha

Indian National Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday spoke in the Lok Sabha against Modi Government over ‘rising food prices’.

Rahul Gandhi had also reminded Narendra Modi of his promise during 2014 elections to bring down inflation and cost of vegetables and pulses. Rahul said Modi’s speeches are always high on rhetoric.

Rahul Gandhi questions Modi Government

“During elections, Modi Ji had said ‘make me a chowkidar’ (watchman). Now, there is theft of daal under the very nose of the chowkidar. But the chowkidar has not uttered a word. Now he has become a big person. Leave that job of chowkidar to the Congress,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul stated that “now people are saying ‘Arhar Modi’” instead of ‘Har Har Modi’. He pointed out the rise of vegetable prices “now people are saying ‘Arhar Modi’” instead of ‘Har Har Modi’.

Soon Twitterati reacted on Rahul Gandhi’s comments on PM Modi:

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