As Protests Spread Throughout Tamil Nadu, CM Panneerselvam Meets PM Modi To Lift The Ban On Jallikattu

Following the massive protests in Tamil Nadu against the ban on Jallikattu, a bull-taming sport, Chief Minister O Panneerselvam met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday to urge for an ordinance over the Jallikattu issue.

Sources claim that the earlier plan was to send a delegate from the ruling party to meet the Prime Minister.

“But following reports of more and more people joining the protest by Wednesday afternoon, it was Sasikala who suggested that the Chief Minister should go and meet the Prime Minister in person. He will demand a presidential ordinance to ensure Jallikattu events this year,” a senior minister said.

While speaking about the ordinance imposed by Supreme court on banning the traditional Jallikattu fest in the state, Party Chief Sasikala stated:

“While recognising the sentiments of students, youth and the people of Tamil Nadu, I firmly state that we will move and unanimously adopt a resolution seeking the complete lifting of the ban on Jallikattu in the ensuing Assembly session.”

“We will make legal efforts to prevent PETA, a foreign organisation, from involving in activities inimical to the cultural pride of Tamil Nadu, the Tamil community also knows that it was the Congress-DMK rule which gave legal recognition to PETA,” she said.

Just before meeting the Prime Minister, CM Panneerselvam addressed to the media saying “The government is walking the path of Amma. We will take all legal measures till we get justice in the Jallikattu issue, we should not construe that the Centre is ignoring Tamil Nadu on this issue.”

Within no time, the issue became a burning topic in the whole state, and the protesters took on to the roads by Tuesday midnight weaving the mass strike plans across the state.

When asked about the situation in the city, a senior Police official said:

“The police report sent to the government late on Tuesday evening alerted about developing law and order situation across the state. This forced the government to depute two senior ministers, including State Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar, to hold talks with a group of representatives at his residence.”


Later, after the meeting with Prime Minister, CM Panneerselvam said:

“The ban imposed on Jallikattu by the Supreme Court came up for discussion.While appreciating the cultural significance of Jallikattu, the Prime Minister observed that the matter is presently sub-judice, A central team would be deputed to Tamil Nadu shortly.”

Meanwhile, PM Modi said: “The Centre would be supportive of steps taken by the State Government.”

Right after the first day, thousands of youth rallied at the Marina beach and continued their protest in support of Jallikattu. They rejected Chief Minister O Panneerselvam’s appeal to end the mass protest. He promised to personally press Prime Minister Narendra Modi to issue an ordinance to allow the sport.

The issue turned intense when thousands of students joined the protest, added the support from their professors and college boards respectively.

It is believed that nearly 200 leading arts and science colleges as well as engineering colleges joined the protests on Wednesday and surprisingly, some of the most conservative women’s colleges in Chennai also joined the issue. Despite the huge crowd participation, the protests were largely peaceful, with the only lathicharge being reported from outside Sathyabama Engineering College, where students tried to block the Old Mahabalipuram Road.

When asked about the details of the meeting, Panneerselvam said, “Gave the letter to PM saying that ban on Jallikattu must be lifted and Centre should draft an ordinance on it.

 “The case in Supreme Court is being heard and the verdict is not pronounced yet, so whatever steps state government takes, PM has assured his support, PM Modi said he gives the highest importance to cultural values of the state. He assured he will extend full support to us” he added.


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