At Rs 2, Now You Can Gain Immediate Growth And Darkness Of Your Hair

Who doesn’t want Strong and Luscious hair? Irrespective of the gender, taking care of the hair is very necessary and with all the pollution of modern day life taking care becomes mandatory. Lack of proper hair care leads to various issues like hair fall, split ends, dry/oily hair and frizzy unhealthy looking hair. But do you know you can transform your frizzy hair and get smooth luscious locks?

Nowadays people opt for chemical hair colours which spoil the natural look of the hair and also harm the scalp. They also lead to excess hair fall and several scalp infections if the chemicals didn’t suit your skin type. You can darken your hair semi-permanently using one simple recipe which is tea powder.

We’re going to talk about Tea rinse which gives hair a healthy look and prevents dandruff on the scalp and also darkens the hair semi-permanently. Now you can skip the chemical hair colours for a more healthy option which gives multiple benefits at the same time. without further adieu let me talk about the process for tea rinsing which costs less than Rs. 2.

Take 3 tablespoons of dried tea leaves and add 3cups of water. Boil the water on a medium flame and then add the dried tea leaves into the water. Place a lid on to the vessel and let the concoction boil for 15mins. Now let it cool down. After Shampooing thoroughly, skip using the conditioner and pour the tea concoction on your hair and massage it into the hair. Let it stay for 5mins and then rinse off with plain water.

Apart from this, you have to take basic care of washing your hair at least once a week to a maximum of thrice a week. Hot Oil massages are also suggested to strengthen the hair follicles and avoid using excessive heat styling tools on the hair as they are one of the reasons for hair breakage.

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