Australian Actual Chicken To Run Its Twitter Account #ChickenTweet

Now-a-days social media has gone so viral that everyone has an account in the at least one of them. Twitter has its unique features that attracts one and all. Marketing can be of any type like offline or online. Here an Australian Restaurant taken twitter as a platform to market their business. Chicken Treat, a fast-food chain has taken it to a whole new level.

Australian Actual Chicken To Run Its Twitter Account

Chicken Treat, a fast-food chain recruited a hen named Betty as a social media writer. Betty is the four-year-old domestic fowl. #ChickenTweet has gone viral these days in which the Australian fast food chain Chicken showcases their recent works. A chicken has been taught to tweet. See below how it tweets.

Chicken Treat isn’t the first to do a stunt like this but Arby’s earned itself a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest commercial when it aired 13 nonstop hours of brisket cooking last year.

As Munchies points out, “So far, Betty seems to be pretty far from pecking her way to a four-letter word recognized by an English-language dictionary”

The goal is to have Betty type a five-letter word in English to earn a coveted spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. The closest she’s come to breaking the record is writing “bum.”

It is said that the account is created by the head of the restaurant. What actually happens is the trainer pour the seeds on the keyboard and the hen which comes to eat those seeds lands on the keys of the keyboards and this is how the letters are typed on the screen by that chicken.

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