Barber shaves ‘play’ icon on man’s head after he paused to show him the desired cut!

The customer surely got more than he bargained for! (Source: Tian Xiu Bot/ Weibo)

Everyone has surfed the internet to search dashing and see new trends of haircuts. But things went south when a Chinese guy showed a video of the type of haircut he wanted to get to his barber, unfortunately, the pause button of the video was highlighted and got what he wanted with a twist. The Barber did the haircut with a twist, he mistakenly created a semi-fade haircut with a pause button on it, yep you read that right.

Images of the haircut have then gone viral on social media platforms in China and across the world, it left a lot of its viewers laughing and confused.

According to the news, the man that was seen in the video went to a barber shop to get a haircut, he wanted to show a video of the type of haircut he wanted, but when he paused the video to show it the barber thought he wanted a pause button. The barber then asked if he really wanted the button there, he replied “Not understanding the question, he had replied in the affirmative,” says his friend that posted the video.

The paused video he showed to the barber to recreate the look. (Soure: Tian Xiu Bot/ Weibo)

The customer was not that bothered when he saw the button, he was seen filming his own haircut with confidence.


Later on, famous Chinese blogger Tian Xiu Bot shared the video and photos of the haircut on China’s Weibo, it went viral really quickly.

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