Best Blue Lens For Eye Protection/ Safety In India [2019]

Best Blue Lens For Eye Protection/ Safety In India [2019] – Since the popularization of LED backlights, the number of people who report eye fatigue caused by flicker has increased. Some people perceive the high speed at which the LED backlight flashes as flicker. Of course, even those who cannot perceive flicker may also be affected by it without realizing it. The latest versions of LEDs are flat screen LEDs that reduce its effect on a human eye compared to its older versions. These Flat screen LED have been hotcakes at the market due to their reduced eye fatigue.Best Blue Lens For Eye Protection/ Safety In India [2019]

Best Blue Lens For Eye Protection/ Safety In India [2019]

Plasma Monitors:

These monitors are capable of producing deeper blacks allowing for superior contrast ratio and superior uniformity. LCD panel backlights nearly always produce uneven brightness levels, although this is not always noticeable. High-end computer monitors have technologies to try to compensate for the uniformity problem. These are the advantages of Plasma Monitors which doesn’t affect human eyes. Earlier generation displays were more susceptible to screen burn-in and image retention. Recent models have a pixel orbiter that moves the entire picture slower than is noticeable to the human eye, which reduces the effect of burn-in but does not prevent it.

Display Flicker and Flicker Free Monitors:

When the LED backlight tries to maintain the brightness of the display, display flicker occurs. You may notice this more when using your monitor with low brightness. But the question is how this affects the human eye? Flicker bombards the human eye with frequent changes in brightness. These changes cause your eye pupil to expand and contract, thereby causing headaches, eye strain, and eye fatigue. A monitor with Dynamic Backlight reduces eye strain and provides you with a better viewing experience and protects your eye health. That makes “Flicker-Free” monitors the best choice for eye health.

Best Blue Lens For Eye Protection/ Safety In India [2019]

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