Best WordPress Tips 2019: Free SEO & Security Advice

Best WordPress Tips 2019: Free SEO & Security Advice – WordPress has now become the most widely used CMS as most of the bloggers prefer WordPress over others, because of its wide range of features. Bloggers do run large sites on WordPress with a huge number of articles published on a daily basis. Here in this tutorial, we are providing a quick tip for all those WordPress bloggers who are looking to publish a large number of posts stuffed in Drafts at one go. This is a time-saving technique for those who are trying to Publish all your Posts or Pages At Once.Best WordPress Tips 2019

Best WordPress Tips 2019: Free SEO & Security Advice

How To Publish and Edit all the Drafts at One go in WordPress

Follow the Simple steps as given below –

  •  First, navigate to the Posts->All Posts in the WordPress dashboard of your blog.


  • Now select all your Blog Drafts posts or Pages which you want to publish by clicking on the checkbox below Bulk Actions option as shown in below image( Here in this post I am publishing the posts).

All Post Select

  • Now select “Edit” from the drop-down list as shown in below image and click on Apply.


  • Now select the “Status” of the posts /pages to Published from the list as shown below and click on update. That’s it you have done it.
    All the posts or pages which are in drafts are published at one go.


Few more Hacks with Bulk Edit feature in WordPress:-

  • Assign the posts and pages of one author to another author in bulk by selecting on Author from author option.
  • Choose to turn off or turn on comments on specified posts and pages from the comment option.
  • Add the posts from one category to other at bulk!.
  • Change the parent page and template of all the pages.

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Best WordPress Tips 2019: Free SEO & Security Advice

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