‘Bigg Boss 8’ Winner Gautam Gulati Says ‘Diandra Soares is Much Older, I want to Marry Alia Bhatt’

“Bigg Boss 8” winner Gautam Gulati did get close to supermodel and fellow contestant Diandra Soares on the show but the actor says he is not keen to take their relationship and would just like to be friends with Indian model Diandra Soares. Gautam Gulati said that there was no romane with Diandra and he said “Dosti mein attraction ho gaya tha, which is why the kiss happened”. She to never thing anything about relationship. He said that there can never be any relationship apart from friendship between us,”

'Bigg Boss 8' Winner Gautam Gulati Says 'Diandra Soares is Much Older, I want to Marry Alia Bhatt'

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‘Bigg Boss 8′ Winner Gautam Gulati  says about ‘Diandra Soares

Putting all speculations about his relationship with model Diandra Soares to rest, Bigg Boss 8 winner Gautam Gulati told in an interview that he will only marry a girl chosen by his mom. And no, that won’t be Diandra.”I’m much younger to her, and above all, I’ll never do something that my family doesn’t approve of.” He further said that he is being upfront about their equation because he does not want her to live with false hopes.Also, there is a big age gap between us; where Diandra is elder to me. We both have a different world and I am sure she is happy in her own world. We were friends and will just remain a good friend forever”, concludes the actor.

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'Bigg Boss 8' Winner Gautam Gulati Says 'Diandra Soares is Much Older, I want to Marry Alia Bhatt'

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Gautam Gulati want to Marry Alia Bhatt

However, Mr Popular “Bigg Boss 8” winner Gautam Gulati  revealed that he has been thinking of someone who he wants to marry. He said that “I wouldn’t want to marry an actress, but if it’s Alia Bhatt, I will. Gautam said that Alia Bhatt is cute, my kind of girl and he said that Alia Bhatt and I go to the same gym but we haven’t interacted.  Gautam said that he ia a shy type of person so haven’t spoken to her,” before he sets his foot in the industry, he needs to buy a house with the ₹ 50 lakh prize money he won at the show and spend some time with his family and friends.

“All these affairs and romance can divert your mind and cause hindrance to your work so I just decided to stay away. I’ll straight marry and settle down with a girl chosen by my mom,” he told after he win.

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“The journey in the show has been a lesson for life, an ultimate test of patience and control. And yes, I am glad that all the inmates who tried to prove me wrong all the time, got evicted in front of my eyes one after the other. If I was so wrong, people wouldn’t have voted for me and made me the winner,” he said.

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