Bihar Laborer Shocks Crowd When He Starts Speaking In English During An Interview And Says “I Want To Work”

An interview with a laborer in Bihar has gone viral after he started speaking in English. The video shows a reporter interview the man and was asking about the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.

During the interview, the man said, “I Want To Work”.

The reporter was impressed and asked “English?” and the man responded with “Yes, why not?”

The laborer said that he graduated from the Bhagalpur University and even compared the government of Prime Minister Modi with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s.

He said that the government of PM Modi is the best in modern time, but in ancient times, Indira Gandhi was the best.

When the man started to speak in English, cheers from the crowd were heard, the reporter even said: “Gazab English bol rahe hain bhai sahab toh” which means, your English is great.

Here is the video:

The interview has been viewed 4 million times since it was posted on YouTube.


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