The Most Bizarre Road Accident Video, Three Cars ‘LEVITATE’ In The Road [Mystery Solved!]

This is a CCTV footage of a bizarre moment cars appeared to levitate in the air in central China. This video has befuddled people on the internet. The strange clip shows three vehicles being pulled upwards before one rolls onto its side in the city of Xingtai. We have watched a number of Chinese road accidents on the internet, but this particular video has left people completely confused.

three cars levitate in China

It looked like a supernatural incident when the vehicles fly in the air and flip completely. Knowing the details about the incident, a van was seen approaching a junction when the back part of the vehicles is lifted. At the same time, the front part of another vehicle is pulled upwards while the back end of a car in another lane moves. The first, which was lifted the most aggressively, lands on its side.

And the weirdest thing is that there was no collision! And no one is injured in this peculiar incident. Pedestrians were confused and they stepped back seeing the weird moment. Is it an Alien Intervention? The video has been viewed thousands of times and a number of people attempted to offer an explanation.

One of the reporters wrote: ‘The truck on the right snags a cable that is loose on the ground and lays across the road. The truck starts to move pulling the cable tight and the cable goes up and moves all three vehicles.’ Another reporter wrote: ‘It’s a downed line being dragged by the truck on the right. The peculiar footage has been viewed more than 20,000 times since appearing online.

Just watch the reaction of a pedestrian as he runs up to the truck, warning of the problem and stopping the truck.’ Another one joked: ‘Try explaining that to the insurance company.’ However, to put all the paranormal  theories to rest, Chinese media reported that the culprit was carelessly left road maintenance cable that caught three vehicles together and caused them to flip.

Mystery Explained in this video:

Chinese media reports confirmed the explanation, saying that the incident was caused by a piece of steel cable, which was caught up in the brush of a street sweeper.

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