BJP Leader Linked In Daughter’s Kidnapping Arrested in Bengal

Suprabhat Batyabyal, a BJP Leader and 2 other men were arrested in the Birbhum District of Bengal on Sunday, the 3 men were connected in kidnapping his own daughter.

The daughter of Suprabhat Batyabyal was kidnapped on a gunpoint last Thursday, and was rescued from the district of Uttar Dinajpur.

A joint operation that was led by the Uttar Dinajpur Police and Birbhum Police led them to find the 22-year-old woman near the railway station in Dalkhola on Sunday morning.

Suprabhat Batyabyal and two of his men got arrested after the investigation revealed that they had a major role in the kidnapping of the 22-year-old daughter.

Shyam Singh the Superintendent of the Birbhum Police said: “We have rescued the girl from Dalkhola this morning. She is fine and we are talking to her to find out what had actually happened. We have also arrested the girl’s father who seems to have played an important role in the kidnapping.”

Shyam Singh the Superintendent of the Birbhum Police said that: “There are two aspects to it. There is a family problem, gaining political mileage could also be the motive. We are probing the matter. We are grilling the three.”

BJP leader Suprabhat Batyabyal switched to the BJP 5 months ago from the Trinamool Congress, he was detained on the evening of Saturday. The police learned about the location of his daughter after they questioned him.

Before joining the Trinamool Congress, BJP Leader Suprabhat Batyanal was a committee member in the district of the CPI(M).

After then news broke about the kidnapping of his daughter, the streets were full with protesters in Labhpur and even blocked the road of Suri-Katwa for almost 3 days.

Last week, on Saturday, a group of local men attacked MLA Manirul Islam’s vehicle and chased him, this made him take shelter in the nearest police station.

The BJP suspect that the TMC helped the goons and were also behind the kidnapping.


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