Bus Driver Saves A 13-Year-Old Student From Getting Hit By A Speeding Car

A CCTV caught a bus driver saving a 13-year-old student from getting hit by a speeding car. In the video, you can see the driver pulling the kid back as she saw a speeding car passing by.

The video that was released recently showed Samantha Call, the bus driver, grab the 13-year-old student by his jacket seconds before the speeding car passes by the exit of the bus.

The short clip was shared by the Norwich City School District, and since it was shared the video has gone viral. Many social media users thanked the bus driver for her quick thinking.

The student has been identified as 13-year-old Matthew Squires.

During an interview, Samantha Call explained what happened, she said, “I look down at my bottom mirror which I check before I let any kid out. Here comes a silver car on the side. Matt is probably the third step down now and all I could think of was ‘Matt is going to get hurt’, so I just pull him.”

When she recalled what she felt when she saw the video of the incident for the first time, she said, “When I first saw it. All I could think of was, ‘what if I didn’t get him?’. I wouldn’t be sending him home to his mom anymore. I’m so glad I could have sent him home to his mom cause I don’t know if I could have gotten back on that bus had I not been able to. I don’t think I could ever touch a school bus again.”

Christina Beardsley, the mother of the 13-year-old student was in tears when she saw the 15-second clip which showed how close her son was from getting hit by the speeding car.

In an interview, Christina said, “I cried. I honestly cried. If she hadn’t had been so vigilant and looking behind her bus because no one really thinks of someone coming on the door side of the bus. I still try to wrap my head around what that person thought was so much more important that he almost hit my son.”

Samantha Call is encouraging all motorists to be more considerate and be more aware of their surroundings when they drive.

She added, “It’s got to get out there. It’s got to stop. People have to pay attention to this. Kids die every day from problems like this.”


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