Watch Video: A Bus Hits A Scooter And Drags Two Men Under Its Wheels In Madhya Pradesh

In a spine-chilling video caught on CCTV camera, two men had a miraculous narrow escape after being hit and going under the wheels of a bus on Wednesday. The video has gone viral on social media.

Miraculous escape by two men

The incident took place in the Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh. The video shows a speeding bus hitting a scooter on which two men were travelling. The bus hit them and the scooter was dragged under the wheels of the bus in the broad daylight.

Watch The Video Here:

Luckily, the two people escaped unhurt as the driver of the bus was aware and had applied brakes on time. Though there is no mistake by the men on the scooter, accidents happen in any way.

So be careful about yourself and also have an eye on the surroundings.

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