Caught On Camera: Five Boys Throwing Puppies Into Fire In A Cruel Act In Hyderabad

Do you remember the incident of two MBBS students from Chennai was seen throwing a dog from the roof top and the video has gone viral on social media? Not even a month since the incident happened, here is another similar incident which took place recently in Hyderabad.

The incident took place in a graveyard in Musheerabad in Hyderabad on July 16. Few boys bought little puppies and burnt them alive. The incident was also captured on a mobile phone.

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We can see the puppies screaming while these psychopaths were firing them. The puppies were helpless and were trying to get out of the fire. But the boys were seen using sticks to push them back into the flames.

However, the video has gone viral and the Police have arrested five boys. No reason was found yet about this act why the boys did this. Under Sections 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code make it illegal to maim or cause injury to any animal.

Watch Video Here:

Such incidents show the real humanity of a human being. These boys had to be severely punished. Share your views and opinions about the incident in the comments section below.

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