Watch Video: This Chinese Man Loses His Front Teeth Trying To Eat Raw Corn On The Cob Off An Electric Drill

Guys are really crazy. Here is a hilarious video of a man from China lost two teeth while trying to eat raw corn which is fixed to an electric drill.

The man fixed a raw corn on the cob skewered on an electric drill and tried to eat it while the driller is on.

Man lost teeth trying to eat raw corn fixed to driller

The man is from north-eastern Liaoning province. He lost his two teeth immediately after placing the spinning corn in his mouth.

The video was posted on the Kwai service but was later deleted.

Watch The Video Here:

The man was seen bleeding blood from his mouth after he lost his teeth. Earlier, we had seen such stunts attempting to dare to eat the corn off a driller but failed.

A Woman from Beijing lost a part of her hair while trying this.

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