The Cow Was Killed By A Lion And Not By The Dalits Who Were Beaten By Cow Protection Vigilantes

Earlier this month, a video which showed a group of cow vigilantes in Gujarat beating some Dalit men accusing them off cow slaughter has gone viral on social media. But according to the Gau Rakshaks, the cow was killed by a lion and not by the youths as accused.

Accused Dalits in Cow Slaughter case

According to Balu Sarvaiya, father of one of the victims, while the youth was skinning the cow, a vehicle passed them, only to return later accompanied by others. There were 30-35 men who came carrying sticks and began beating them claiming that the youths had killed the cow.

The Cow Was Killed By A Lion Not By The Youths:

The CID which is investigating the incident said that “as per eyewitness statements it has been established that the cow was in fact killed by a lion and the men who were trashed by the gang was only skinning it before it was buried.”

Though 16 people have been arrested regarding the attack on the youths, they are still looking into who passed the information of the cow slaughter to the vigilantes.

Dalits were beaten in Gujarat

>>> You can watch the video of Cow Vigilantes Thrashing Suspected Smugglers here <<<

“We are probing the policemen on duty and the role of the accused. While police papers of the investigation do not mention any post-mortem examination of the cow, they do record that samples have been taken for forensic examination. We are also investigating what happened to an input from the state police control room about beef being transported in Una,” Keshavji Saradava, Deputy Superintendent of Police, CID (Crime) said.

The incident came into limelight by a video shot and spread by the vigilantes themselves that had caused a big controversy in Gujarat. Due to such incidents, Dalits had boycotted collecting dead cows resulting of them decomposing on the streets.

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