CRPF Constable Kills Wife Who Stopped Him From Going To His Election Duty  

Police Report: On March 16, A CRPF Constable who belonged to the CoBRA Battalion killed his wife after she stopped him to go on his Lok Sabha Election 2019 Duty.

CRPF Constable Guruveer Singh killed his wife on March 16 after an argument broke out between them, officials said that the wife of Guruveer tried to stop him from going to his election duty in Bijapur.

After killing his wife, Constable Guruveer Singh called the police and said that his wife had committed suicide. But the autopsy report and the evidence that was gathered by the police revealed that it was a murder case.

Hemsagar Sidar the Superintendent of Jagdalpur said, “Constable Guruveer Singh, who lived in the headquarters of CRPF’s 201 CoBRA battalion, had strangled his wife Anupriya Gautam at the government quarters.”

Guruveer Singh later on confessed that he killed his wife after the police interrogated him repeatedly.

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