Danielle Wyatt Was Just 12Km Away From Virat Kohli’s House And This Is How Fans Teased Her

Virat Kohli… we know the popularity of this man, After Sachin and Dhoni he is the cricketer with the most fan following in this generation, Mainly in girls he has many admirers, Not just for his batting but for his uber cool looks as well, Not just normal people he has female following in cricketers as well, We all are aware of England Women Cricketer Danielle Wyatt is a huge fan of Virat Kohli, She expressed her love many times via Twitter. As usual, her tweets go viral.


Danielle Wyatt is member of England Women’s Cricket team, who is more popular for her tweets about Kohli than her performance on cricket ground, After Virat Kohli’s fantabulous performance in 2014 T20 world cup where he won the award of Man Of The Tournament, Danielle Wyatt proposed Virat Kohli on twitter saying “Kholi marry me!!!” For which her name went on to become viral not just in India but all over the cricket world, Such is Kohli’s popularity.

But to her bad luck Kohli fell in love with Anushka Sharma and recently both got married as well, Though it was 4 years back still now whenever she tweets someone will always take Virat Kohli’s name under her tweet, Many of them even warn her that Anushka Bhabi will kill you and all ( Just for fun only though). Just one tweet got her so much of popularity among the Indian fans. Few of them even wish her for the best whenever she is playing for England. But now she is in India to play in the Tri Series between India, England, and Australia.

Danielle is currently in Mumbai to play a match against India for ongoing Tri-Series. As it wasn’t the match day she was roaming around and tweeted about it.”Day off in Mumbai so we’re off to have a look at Elephanta Island ⛴ 🙋🏼‍♀️” this was her tweet. Just at the time when she revealed her location the fans of Virat found something interesting, She was actually just 12KM away from Virat kohli’s house, And they started teasing her for being that close to Virat Kohli. These are some tweets.

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