Doctors Taking Selfies Next To Vaginas Of Women After Childbirth

We people whom ever we trust or not but keep at-most faith on doctors. Women trust these doctors with their bodies left to them in the surgery room, but what they get in return is someone flaunting their vagina on the Internet. While the events from this story took place in the UK, we cannot help but watch out for such instances in our country. And we collectively need to question such practices, regardless of the country.

We know selfies have become most popular but could not expect it to be as popular as this. Even doctors started taking selfies with the patients. Doctors have started taking selfies next to women’s vaginas, often while she is naked and sometimes at the moment the baby is crowning. One doctor, a student obstetrician called Daniel Sanchez, has come under fire for uploading one such selfie on his Instagram page. They are using Social Networking sites to upload the stuff like this.

doctors are taking selfies of women's vaginas after delivering babies

Sanchez, from Venezuela, posted an image of himself with a woman, who is naked from the waist down, gives birth. A fellow doctor appears to have his hands still in or around her vagina as the baby crowns. Sanchez, who has since set his Instagram page to private, tagged the image: ‘Lady I can deliver your baby but first let me take a selfie’. This is what the doctors are doing…

It may be disturbing to see these picture here…But this should be known to everyone so that they would be cautious when they are in this situation next time.

Doctors Taking Selfies Next To Vaginas Of Women After Childbirth

Does any thing can be worst than this..?? Doctors aren’t even ashamed of their actions. In the name of medicine and doing the ‘good’ deed of delivering a child, they fail to acknowledge all the wrong that has been happening which is very disgusting.

Whatever may be the country doctors are the one we trust, and we pray for them join hands together in front of them.

And there is also the other issue where a nurse called Francisco Salgado reportedly uploaded a picture of an out-of-focus bloody vagina with an in focus person stitching her up alongside the tagline #thankfulhusbandstitch.

Very unfortunate to know this. These should be punished severely…What do you say guys..?? Comment below your opinion on this issue.

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