Driver Of A G4S Security Van Disappears With 40 Cash Boxes Worth £1 Million

36-year-old Joel March, a security guard is said to have disappeared with 40 cash boxes that had a total of £1 Million inside them on April 23, 2019.

The 36-year-old father of 3 kids left the armored G4S Security Van on a double yellow line in a quiet road located in Clapham, London.

Residents in the Clapham area became suspicious as they saw the van and decided to report the incident to the Security Company.

Joel March, the driver, was arrested in Brixton.

During an interview, a source said that he knew something was wrong when he saw the G4S Security Van in a residential area when there were no shops nearby.

He said, “I saw some strips of paper with ‘mum’, ‘dad’ and phone numbers. That worried me in case someone had come to harm.”

He called the security company by 5 pm to report the unusual spotting, he said that the company was not “particularly concerned”.

The Met Police arrived in the residential area by 7 pm, while responding to “’reports of a theft of cash deposit boxes.”

He added, “Some of the guard’s family turned up at around 8 pm very upset. They said he’d been under a lot of pressure.”

The mother of Joel March said that her son left his mobile phone at home when on the day of the incident, Joel lives with his mum.

The mother of Joel said, “He was a bit stressed before this but I can’t think why he would do it. As far as I know, he never had any money issues.”

A spokeswoman from the Scotland Yard said, “Police were called at approximately 7 pm on Tuesday, 23 April to reports of a theft of cash deposit boxes from a cash-in-transit vehicle. Officers attended a location in the Larkhall Rise area of Clapham where the vehicle was parked. There was no sign of forced entry to the vehicle.

The spokeswoman added, “An investigation was launched by the Met’s Flying Squad and a 36-year-old man was arrested by officers on suspicion of theft at approximately 3 pm on Wednesday, 24 April in SW2. He has been taken to a south London police station. A quantity of cash has been recovered.”

Barry Phillips, a former Met-Chief Superintendent said, “Something has gone seriously wrong. The van’s movements should have been monitored and the controllers should have been in regular communication with the guard.”

The spokeswoman of the G4S Security Company said that they have started a probe for the incident.

She added that these types of incidents are uncommon in the UK and said that they are working up-close with the Met Police to solve the issue.

The Metropolitan Police said that they have launched a probe for the incident and enquires have started.

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