[WATCH VIDEO] A Drunk Man In Karnataka Steals Policeman’s Bike And His Cap, Chase Ensues

It is a known fact that people tend to do crazy things when drunk. Almost everyone on the planet who drink has had an embarrassing and funny drunk story and sometimes, they’ll involve cops. If you drink, even you may have had one yourself, isn’t it?

One such incident took place in Karnataka state. It looks like a comical scene but might be dangerous. A drunk man in Karnataka found a policeman’s bike and decided to ride away with it. That was not all, the man thought it would be extremely funny to steal the cop’s cap as well, so much so that he was visibly excited.

Drunk man steals policeman bike

And so he does exactly that, and to top it off, catches hold of the policeman’s cap too. Not only did he take the cop’s bike for a joy ride, but he was also seen laughing the entire time.

He then drives away with the bike, wearing the cap, giggling and laughing away, seemingly unaware that he has done anything wrong. The man reportedly drove for a kilometer until he was finally stopped at a signal.

According to the reports, the police had to chase him for almost 1km till they could get hold of him. And even then the seriousness of what he’d done had obviously not struck the man as he continued to laugh and giggle. The video trending on social media might just top the “drunk stuff people do” list.

Watch The Video Here:

Watch The Video Here On Twitter.

At the end, we can see a policeman getting off from another vehicle to catch the drunk man and hold on to the back of his bike as he tries to drive away again.

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