This Facebook Post On An Elderly Couple Selling Food On Kolkata Streets Has Gone Viral For A Good Reason

This Facebook post on an elderly couple selling food on Kolkata streets has gone viral for all the right reasons. On July 5th, 2016, Amit Ghosh, a Wipro employee made a Facebook post about an elderly couple who are selling food near his office.

According to the Facebook post, the couple belongs to a middle-class background. Due to few financial problems, they were forced to take up this profession at this very old age.

Amit Ghosh also said that he has been eating at the couple’s food stall for over two months now. He observed that the couple doesn’t mind this life and they do their job with every kind of happiness.

Ghosh also tagged his co-workers to the post and requested them to provide their support to this couple to help them out. He also mentioned that ‘if anyone did mind to the tag, please you can remove the tag without hesitation.

But the reaction to Ghosh’s post was fantastic and even he could not imagine such a huge response. Everyone on the comments section has agreed to help the couple by providing them with their patronage.

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