Do You Remember Eman Ahmed, The World’s Heaviest Woman Who Weighs More Than 500 Kgs? This Is How She Transformed Now

Did you remember World’s heaviest woman, Eman Ahmed of Egypt, who weighs nearly 500kg who flew from Alexandria in Egypt for her weight loss treatment? She weighed 480kg approximately when she landed in India. Physical transformations have been a point of discussion among humans for as long as one could remember. Putting one a couple of extra pounds can make people go mad at times.

Eman Ahmed already posted a video thanking doctors and the governments of India and her country for making efforts to bring her for her weight loss treatment. In a video message, the 36-year-old, who is not able to speak coherently, expressed her gratitude, saying she feels the difference between India and Egypt and she feels much better here.

As per the latest updates, she is no more the World’s heaviest woman. Eman Ahmed has lost the title of the heaviest woman in the world, and has gained a real shot at a better life. In the three weeks since her arrival in Mumbai, Eman has lost more than 100 kg, dropping down to a total of 380 kg.

Even though the doctors reported multiple strokes in the process, it is an incredible achievement without a doubt. Doctors are still trying to find the reason behind the strokes until next month when she is likely to fit into an MRI machine.

500kg Eman’s starting weight

488kg Eman’s weight upon arrival in Mumbai after 15-day diet

380kg Eman’s current weight

Now, for the first time in 25 years, she is able to sit up on her own. All that remains is to get back on her feet, and this could happen soon, as she is now ready for surgery.

“We thought she would lose around 50 kg, but were surprised to observe that she has lost more than 100 kg,” said Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, the bariatric surgeon treating Eman.

Asked about her surgery, Dr Muffazal said, “It will happen soon. Through medicines, we have tried our best to help her lose as much weight as possible. But medicine can’t help her reduce weight anymore. Now, we can only achieve the remaining goal through surgery.”

The South Mumbai-based hospital is now preparing the world’s once heaviest woman for a bariatric procedure to cut down her stomach size and reduce about 200 kgs over the next six months. She has a team of 16 specialists and over eight nurses looking after her. Her surgery is expected within a month now.

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