Fearful Telangana to Shut Down for Govt. Survey

Telangana panic on the event of Independence Day, with hordes of state residents who are outside the state of execution at home to work to participate in a comprehensive household survey, held August 19 feared state workers that if they do not get up and in the survey recognized not “citizens” by Telangana and lose their property and other rights in the state.The state government in recent days failed to dispel fears.

TRS Chief KCR 1st Telangana CM
The high court on Thursday Telangana Hyderabad allowed the government to the household survey of the controversy over the safety of the Attorney General, the exercise is not mandatory and residents could choose not to answer further questions from investigators.
But it has also done little to address the concerns. “We conclude the work of only four days a year, but may be forced to close our survey round. Transportation will not work, because the government an order to that effect unions cars also reported it issued will not work. Accessing our office staff? “the director of the media group TOI said.
The government has declared a public holiday in the shops and Establishment Act. Residents of Hyderabad are from regions of Andhra Pradesh are afraid. “This is the profile of the United States and the information against us at a later date. According came all this government in the existence enliven the mood of Telangana,” said Ramesh Rao (name changed), a doctor.

Intensive household survey, to be completed in one day from Telangana, apparently to identify the real beneficiaries of the protective measures of the government. Inspectors try to show the details of the bank account or Aadhar card.
Behind calculations show that, depending on existing records, the investigator should consider less than 70 -90 families in one day and ask them questions, property tax, gas connection and other details, including your religion, caste and social status. In addition, topics such as the details of the caste are not even included in the census survey. Respondents are asked that, if they can give a false complaint be comprehensive.
The formal request that does not build the target, a case of Telangana has few takers. “Since the income of the middle class taxpayers do not know ration card. Bounty government alone. Try So why to study and ask me for my personal data”, asks Sudha Rani, an executive of a company.

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