Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 With AI Camera Leaked, Stylus Pen To Have Color Options

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled the coming week, but despite all the rumours that have been known through the Web, we already probably know what to expect from the smartphone. Besides all such leaks, the Galaxy Note 9 has also been displayed in several teasers released by Samsung itself. However, leaks are still coming out tipping the expected specifications and features of the upcoming handset. A recent leak has suggested that the Galaxy Note 9 will have AI-based features. Samsung will also reportedly give early Galaxy Note 9 buyers a good choice between the AKG Y50 Bluetooth wireless headphones and 15000 Fortnite V-Bucks. Additionally, a leak has also suggested the features of the S Pen stylus that will reportedly also be sold separately by Samsung.

If a tipster on Reddit is to be taken seriously, who citied an unnamed Samsung trainer, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come with some of the AI-based features that will be able to optimise the camera based on the subject detected, such as landscape, portrait, food, and more. The new camera is also said to have speech bubbles that comes out with such details if it detects an image having any imperfections such as “blurriness, eyes blinking, and hand shaking too much.”

The details given by the Reddit user, include pre-order offers on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 include wireless noise-cancelling headphones from AKG worth $299 or the Fortnite package. Apart from that, buyers would be given the option to get both if they pay $100, the user added. This piece of information has been reaffirmed by an image of Galaxy Note 9 Value Pack retail box shared by the company Dutch site Techtastic. The retail box includes the AKG headphones too along with a car mount.

The leaks suggest that the S Pen stylus in Galaxy Note 9 will allow its users to double tap a button to flip camera mode via by doubling as a remote shutter. Added to that, the S Pen will be able to deliver up to 30 minutes of use by charging for just 40 seconds. And the leak suggests that S Pen will come in different colour options and Samsung will separately sell different colour styli. But there is no information available on the pricing. The colour of the stylus is also said to be able to determine the colour of the on-screen memo font.

Apart from that, when it comes to Samsung Dex, the Galaxy Note 9 will reportedly be able to enter Dex mode without a dock, just by using a USB Type-C to HDMI cable. The display of the Galaxy Note 9 will be 6.4-inch but the footprint of the smartphone will remain the same like that one of the Galaxy Note 8, the Reddit user added.

Meanwhile, a new report has given a hint at the features of the S Pen stylus that will arrive with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. As per a WinFuture report, the S Pen will have Bluetooth support, a feature that has been suggested in leaks multiple times. The report says that the button at the top of the stylus can now be easily be used for the first time as a remote control for the smartphone. The report claims that the S Pen can be used to trigger any types of images, remotely control presentations, or even operate other apps without having to touch the handset itself. The images leaked in the report also suggest out that the stylus comes with a finer tip and now supports 4,096 levels of pressure for a very precise control over your drawings or hand-written messages.

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