Finalist In Miss National Australia 2018 Stabs Masseuse In Arm After Refusing To Pay For His Massage As She Was Not Satisfied With His Services

37-year-old Maria Delosangeles Horigome, the 2018 finalist in Miss National Australia stabbed her masseuse after she refused to pay him for his massage service as she was not satisfied with the masseuse’s services.

Maria pleaded guilty to wounding her masseuse in the Southport District Court on Wednesday.

Maria hired the masseuse from Australia Fair Massage Parlour, which is located on Gold Coast and had been paying for the massages that were aimed to relieve the pain in her shoulder.

The court said that Maria was dissatisfied with the services that she received from the Masseuse and refused to pay the staff.

Crown Prosecutor Matthew Hynes said that Maria “reached into her handbag and stabbed him in the arm with a knife she had in her bag.”

Prosecutor Matthew added, “It was a flick knife but nevertheless we are not talking about a butter knife.”

The masseuse had to get stitches after the attack, in fact, he had both internal and external stitches.

During the struggle that followed after the stabbing, Maria said that she attained injuries in her face, which includes a fractured nose.

Maria said her nose injury has an impact on her ability to earn an income by taking part in beauty pageants and modeling.

She also shared that she was a finalist in the Miss National Australia 2018 to the court.

The Miss National Australia is known for having and accepting beauty queens that are from different countries and accepting applicants at all ages and heights.

37-year-old Maria Delosangeles Horigome is also a performer and singer who goes with the stage name of Mia Muze.

Judge David Kent has sentenced 37-year-old Maria Delosangeles Horigome to serve 18 months in jail, but, she can also apply for parole immediately.

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