Foreigner Arrested After He Tampered With An ATM Machine In Delhi

Police Report: On Tuesday, a foreigner was arrested after he tampered with an ATM machine in Delhi.

 Residents of the area called the police after they saw a foreigner tampering with a Central Bank ATM Machine in Jaffrabad, the police said that he was accompanied by another foreigner.

The police said that the foreigners were trying to remove an instrument that is attached near the keyboard of the ATM Machine.

After the police asked the men what they were doing to the ATM, they tried to run away.

A senior police officer of the district said: “They started running in desperation when the locals asked them what they were doing. They also tried to conceal these items, which was later recovered from one of the accused.”

One foreign national managed to run away and one was arrested by the police.

The arrested foreigner is a 27-year-old Romanian National, Isfan Lustin Georgel. The passport of the 27-year-old is now under the custody of the police.

When the police arrested Isfan Lustin Georgel, they recovered a device that is used in electronic circuits to store data from Credit Cards. This type of device is usually used in stealing data.

The police also recovered 2 cards that had strips to transfer the stolen data with the mobile number of Isfan Lustin Georgel.

The police have charged the foreigner under the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act and the investigation against Isfan Lustin Georgel has started.

The police have assigned a team to track down and arrest the second person who was involved in the stealing.

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