Former James Bond Endorses Pan Bahar, Twitter Reacts With James Bond Jokes

Waking up to weird ads is not new, but today’s Pan Bahar ad wins the award for shocking an entire nation.

Bond of the 90s, Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, is considered to be one of the most stylish men to play the iconic role. He once again donned the garb of the 007 agent for this advertisement.

Yes, the former James Bond Pierce Brosnan is back in his Bond avatar –but this time, for an advertisement of an Indian pan masala brand. The first visuals of the campaign, out on Friday, have sent the virtual world in India into a tizzy, with many calling him ‘Pan Singh Tumor’ in humour.

Newspaper readers were in awe when they spotted Pierce Brosnan holding a Pan Bahar on the front page of a popular daily, Times of India.

In the one minute video, sixty-three year-old Brosnan is seen using the can of pan masala as a weapon to fend off enemies. In the end he says, ‘PAN MASALA: Class never goes out of style.’

The actor’s signature also found space in the ad, which was splashed across the front page of a few national dailies.

Watch The Video Here: James Bond for Indian Pan Masala

Soon after, social media went berserk. Some made fun of the actor for choosing to be part of it while others wondered whether he was even aware of what he was selling. The actor also started trending on the micro-blogging site.

See how Twitter users have taken a dig at the ad, as well as criticised it.

Twitter started with jokes, memes, and everything in-between and Piers Brosnan topped the facebook charts in no time.

It seems India has been shaken and stirred by the appearance of a former James Bond in an advertising campaign for Pan Bahar, a traditional Indian breath freshener — or “pan masala” in Hindi — that is a mixture of nuts, seeds, herbs and spices.

Well, let’s hope Piers Brosnan received quite a dough for this endorsement because advocating a car might just be a problem now. We hope Brosnan has thought this through.

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