Ghaziabad: Son Kills 66-Year-Old Mother With Brick For Refusing To Give Him Rs. 1 Lakh

A son from Ghaziabad killed his 66-year-old mother with a brick after she refused to give him Rs. 1 lakh, officials said that the son repeatedly hit her with a brick.

The 66-year-old woman was attacked by her son when she was getting her crops harvested, the son hit his mother 3 times.

After killing his mother, the son went on and told his brothers that their 66-year-old mother has gone missing.

The brothers searched for her and found her dead body lying in a field.

Neeraj Kumar Jadaun, the superintendent of the Police said that they arrested the son after receiving a piece of information about the incident.

When the police interrogated the son, he confessed that he killed his 66-year-old mother after she refused to give him Rs. 1 lakh.

The son said he needed the money to get his house repaired.

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