Gujarat: Kidnapper Beaten To Death By A Group Of People In Patarveli

Police Report: A group of people killed a 32-year-old kidnapper in a village near Vadodara, Gujarat.

On Thursday, 32-year-old Chanduhai Rathodiya bought chocolates for a 4-year-old and brought her near a river in Patarveli Village to rape her.

Villagers said that Chanduhai kidnapped the 4-year-old girl.

A group of people started to look for him, Chanduhai left the girl near her home before he escaped the village.

But, the group caught Chanduhai and started to beat him by using sticks.

32-year-old Chanduhai Rathodiya was rushed to a hospital, he succumbed to his injuries inside the hospital.

The police have lodged 2 FIR’s which are for gang killing and kidnapping.

The police have assigned a team to investigate the case, no arrests have been made so far.

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