Gurgaon: Man Who Was Wanted In A Rape Case Has Been Arrested After 3 Years

Police Report: A man that was wanted in a rape case and was on the run for the past 3 years has been arrested in Gurgaon. Rahul Victor was involved in a rape case that happened in 2015, the police arrested him in Sikanderpur.

On 10 February 2016, a woman registered a complaint against Rahul Victor, she said that both of them knew each other since 2015, the woman said that Rahul took her to Gurgaon and forced her to drink a cold drink that was laced with sedatives.

The woman also alleged that Rahul sexually exploited her for a couple of times and threatened her that he will share video clips and photographs of them on social networking sites if she reported the incident to the police.

A case was registered in the Kotla Mubarakpur Police Station on February 10, 2016, Rahul has been on the run since then.

DCP Vijay Kumar said, because Rahul Victor did not have any permanent address proof, it was hard for the police to arrest him.

The investigations that were made by the police revealed that Rahul was using an Aircel SIM Card when he raped the woman, but because the company was shut down, no records were available.

Many Facebook accounts were made by the name of Rahul Victor during the investigation process, the woman did identify Rahul after she saw a photograph of him in one of the accounts they saw.

One of the photographs showed a restaurant, luckily the telephone numbers of the restaurant were visible.

After calling the restaurant, the police got to know that Rahul Victor was an ex-employee in the restaurant, Rahul worked in the restaurant as a delivery boy in 2017. Further investigations revealed that he was in Sikanderpur, where the police arrested him.



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