A Guy Abused Hindu In Pakistan and Asked Him To Leave Country! What Pakistanis Did Will Sure Change Many People’s Mindset?

In India, it won’t be wrong to say that it is really easy to spark a religious controversy. Individuals simply take some reason to spark religious debates and start fighting. And what adds up to the fuel are the much-esteemed media houses in the country, those create it even more controversial and sensational without following media ethics, in a barter for higher TRPs.

But if we once thought of the whole scenario one thing that comes out is that it is not God who has made “Religions”, but rather it is we people who have made these differences.

Very often, we come across Hindu V/S Muslim level headed discussions on media channels, but don’t you think, it influences the mindset of people in a negative way? And most of us are of the opinion that Hindus are treated very badly in Pakistan, but is it really so?

However, The Logical Pakistani made an interesting video that showed the true face of Pakistan. The video features a Hindu guy, a Pakistani guy harasses him on the streets because he is not Muslim. After seeing this other Pakistanis also come forward and what they do next is surprising.

So bringing the real truth to the people directly a Pakistani-American, Waqas Shah, carried out a social experiment in Pakistan, to show us how Hindus are actually treated there.

Waqas Shah made this video, which is worth watching, check out the video right here:

This video purely indicates how a Hindu is treated by Pakistanis. Through this social experiment, Waqas was successful in showing us that Pakistanis love and respect Hindus; in fact, they protect the minority in every way.

It’s great to know that humanity still exists; why doesn’t the media show all this? Why are there only reports of communally shared brutality everywhere? Such good things deserve attention, right?

We hope this video will change your views and now you will say that humanity is the only religion that we all follow! Do let us know your views in our comments section below.


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