Indian-American Man Run Over By Truck Dead

An Indian American man was run over by a trailer truck, he has been identified as Neal Patel a 30-year-old, the police say he tried to crawl under the vehicle as he was trying to take a short cut.

30-year-old Neal Patel was a resident of Princeton, New Jersey. He died because of the injuries he attained, he passed away at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital which is located in New Brunswick on Saturday. The accident happened on Tuesday last week.

The police said that Neal Patel and his friend were leaving the Wick Plaza that is located in New Jersey and was heading to the Global Inn that is across the Route 1, the accident happened when Neal tried to scoot under the parked trailer to make a shortcut, his friend did not and decided to walk around the trailer truck.

The trailer driver was unaware that Neal was under the trailer, he started to drive and dragged Neal for 10 feet and got run over by his trailer tires.

A report said that the driver will not face any charges from the incident that happened.



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