Jallikattu Ban: Protesters To Boycott Foreign Drinks Like ‘Coca Cola & Pepsi’ In Tamil Nadu

It’s been four days, the intensity of protests is increasing each day. Thousands of new people are joining the protests every following day. Prominent celebrities from Kamal Hassan to Rajini Kanth are supporting the protests through their twitter and facebook handles.

Various forms of condemning the ban are coming into pictures every day. Despite very few incidents, no violence is observed so far. Meanwhile, a tremendous support from all the neighbouring states is pouring in to support the Tamilians struggle.

Massive groups of people started condemning the issue in their own styles. Some started doing folk dances, invoking the deity Vishnu for the cause of Jallikattu. Some of them started conducting cockfights in city centres.

Speakers at the event also denounced the government for interfering in their way of life. One speaker declared, “This is our path, this is the path we have chosen. We are telling the Indian government this is our agriculture, these are our cattle.

Protesters now targeted foreign companies. One of the participants in the protest said:

“In front of these thousands of people, we have taken a pledge that we will not drink the products of multinational companies like Coke and Pepsi. We will boycott the companies that are selling foreign liquor and enslaving us. We will make our own toddy, our own palm drinks. We will conduct cockfights. Our Tamil culture cannot be stopped by passing laws. We will act beyond those laws. This protest has seen the mass participation of students, so many women have come.”

Meanwhile, an agitator named Mohammad Irshad said:

“Coca-Cola and Pepsi are looking to bring Jersey cows to India and are therefore rooting for the end of the native breeds of cattle. Banning Jallikattu will serve their purpose.”

Sources claim Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sangankalin Peramaippu President Vikrama Raja has made this announcement on Friday. However, the merchants in Theni had earlier announced that they wouldn’t sell foreign drinks until the ban on Jallikattu is revoked.

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